BossMan Dlow – Mr Pot Scraper

American rapper, BossMan Dlow has released his popular song tagged “Mr Pot Scraper” from his album, Mr Beat The Road.

Quotable Lyrics:

The way I’m drivin’ the, I just might wreck or somethin’ (yoom)
Why would I chase a bitch? I can go chase a check or somethin’ (nigga)
You ain’t talkin’ ’bout no money, nigga, burn up, nigga (burn up, nigga)
Fuckin’ with the yeah got me turnt up, nigga (yeah)
Nigga too slippery, walk in the club and make a mess (yeah)
They thought a nigga was sweatin’, all this water on my chest (bling)
Yeah, I want M’s, nigga, I ain’t settlin’ for less (no)
I ain’t DJ Khaled, baby, but you know we the best (we the best, baby)

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