Lil Tecca – Never Last

American rapper and singer-songwriter, Lil Tecca deploys his record “Never Last” from his two tracks project “Number 2 / Never Last”.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m the reason why it’s bad (Oh my)
I know that we would never last
No, I can never get attached (Attached)
I know it might hold me back
I know this ho takin’ tabs (Tabs)
I said, “Why you lookin’ at my tags?” (Tags)
I could tell you why we in the past (Past)
I ain’t never even have to act, yeah-yeah
I flex, I watch, I geek a lot (Alright)
She wanna nod off of K9 (K9)
I got this loud, it’s not the same high
I peep, I watch, I see a lot
I don’t got the time for the same bullshit
You would’ve thought I’m not the same guy (Same guy)

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