3 Reasons Why Having Enemies is Important in Your Life

Nobody wants to have enemies because of the negative impact they have on our lives, if it’s possible to live through a lifetime and not have a single enemy then that would probably be the prayer everyone wants in their lives, but don’t be surprised enemies also has a good impact if you can be able to identify and untilize them.

Enemies serves a great important in our life if only you will be able to point out their importance and use them to your benefit, keep reading as we highlight three reasons why having enemies is important.

They Tell You When You Are Wrong

Someone who doesn’t have an enemy may think he/she is always right, why you may ask? Now come to think of it, imagine everybody is you friend, and when we say friends here we actually mean your true friends who will always tell you that you are not doing bad just to either encourage you or maybe not to offend you.

Lets take an instance to clarify what I said. You took an action which isn’t right, a close friend may not notice your mistake and would be in your support, your enemies of course are definitely the one to notice your mistake and criticize you, this will point out your mistakes and you take precautions to avoid them next time.

Strength To Handle Criticism

You will believe with me on this one, your friends try as much as possible to avoid critizing you and they do that almost all the time, but your enemies will expose in broad daylight to the world, they are always ready to criticize you.

Your ability to avoid and defeat such criticism from enemies defines your strength to handle such when they come from anywhere later on.

This is kind of rebouncing to our first reason, that they help you realize you mistakes because they are always ready to spell mistakes out.

Your Enemies Makes You Work Harder

Have ever been mocked before by friends? Of course that barely happens people you call your true friends don’t dare mock you but you see your enemies, they derives joy doing that.

When enemies mock you it should spark you up to defeat them, to prove them wrong, it makes you put in your 100% to ensure you prove them wrong.

Ability to endure criticism and humiliation from enemies makes you tough and propels you to work harder than before.

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