Berri Tiga Biography, Age, Real Name, State, Songs and Career

Berri Tiga is a budding Nigerian singer and songwriter notable for his appearance on Carter Efe’s hit song “Machala”. Berri Tiga real name is Agada Blessed Obotu.

The talented recording artist was born on 10th October, 2004 and hails from Benue State. He attended French Village International College located in Badagry, Lagos state.


Berri started making music from a young age. His first release was birthed through a freestyle titled “Jo”. After that he dropped another song named “Angelina”.

An amazing freestyle video he shared on Facebook gained him the attention that led to his signing with Big Brother Records. The record label is owned by Shedrach Oyi-Obute.

Berri Tiga Biography, Age, Real Name, State, Songs and Career

“Fire” is the title of his first official release under his new family. The record was produced by Dir. X and Engineered by Run Check. This two producers are among the industry’s best.


Berri has already released two songs prior to his contribution to Carter Efe’s viral song “Machala”. The song was made in dedication to Nigerian Grammy Award-winning singer, Wizkid.

Upon getting signed into Big Brother Management, the Benue born singer released two songs “Fire” and another one he tagged “Angelina”. He later released “God”, a response to his fallout with Carter Efe.

His songs includes:

  • Jo
  • Angelina
  • God
  • Machala
  • Nobody Badder


Berri Tiga cried out on social media demanding his credit from Carter Efe on their “Machala” song. According to the singer he agreed on 70/30 split with the comedian but instead was offered to be payed off the sum of N100k after the song went viral.

He also alleged that Carter wanted to give him just 5% of proceed made from the song taking 95%. This of course wasn’t their agreement and he couldn’t let it slide especially after pointing out that he sang the whole song.

Berri Tiga Biography, Age, Real Name, State, Songs and Career

Carter Efe on the other hand insisted that he owned the song and only did Berri a favour putting him on the song. According to his reply he spent more than N3.5m in promoting the song. He also debunked Berri’s claim of trying to take 95%.

Net Worth

Berri Tiga is worth somewhere between N5m – N10m. Please be aware that this is only an estimate. We can’t tell for certain how much the singer is currently worth.

The singer started music professionally in 2021 hasn’t put out much songs since he was signed to BB Records. Most of his earnings should come from “Machala” if at all he was settled.


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