Cameo Huzla- Devil’s Passage

Cameo Huzla, a skilled Nigerian rapper, provides an enchanting musical journey with his album “Devil’s Passage.”

This extraordinary project includes 12 tracks that showcase Cameo Huzla’s lyrical prowess and specific fashion. With captivating beats and introspective lyrics, “Devil’s Passage” takes listeners on a compelling journey through the artist’s studies and emotions.

The album additionally features remarkable collaborations, which includes appearances from Nuno Zigi, Hugo P, Potta Duez, and Motra the Future.


  1. Back in Town
  2. War (feat. Nuno Zigi)
  3. Otito
  4. Verified
  5. Solid (feat. Hugo P)
  6. Azaman
  7. Ponr (Point of No Return) (feat. Potta Duez)
  8. No Price No Pay
  9. Igbo Man
  10. No Price No Pay (Remix) (feat. Motra the Future)
  11. Hip Hop is Back

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