Tolibian Biography, Songs, Age, State, Real Name And Net Worth

Abubakar Abdulmutolib Ottan Professionally known as Tolibian is a Nigeria singer, songwriter and comedian who hails from Ilorin Kwara State.

Tolibian was conceived in the year 2000 into the family of Mr/Mrs. Abdulmutolib Ottan.

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He graduated from kwara state college of education in ilorin and later migrated to Lagos State in search of greener pastures.

Carrier And Early Life

Tolibian first started as an Instagram comedian and later developed interest for music.
He was first noticed online in 2019 and he’s been consistent with his craft since his first appearance till date.

Light shined on Tolibain in February 2021 after he was endorsed by TCA Entertainment, a record label owned by an Instagram influencer and content creator The Cute Abiola, this served as a major breakthrough for him.

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In 2021, he made a cover for Fireboy’s song “Peru” which went viral on social media, Tiktok precisely and it brought a lot of attention towards his craft.

Tolibian is known for the uniqueness in his music, he is an energetic performing artiste with quality sound in Afrobeat, Acapella, Apala, Hiphop and Amapianos.

His notable songs includes;

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Net Worth

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Hard to tell what exactly his net worth is but judging from his recognition so far, we have a rough estimate of $5,000.

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