Top 5 Places You Should Visit In Ebonyi State

Ebonyi State, a young fast developing state located at the south eastern Nigeria, one out of the five states that are majorly dominated by the Igbo ethnic group.

Bounded by Benue on the north, Enugu at the east, Cross-River and Imo at the south, Ebonyi is richly endowed with mineral resources, which includes the large salt deposit at the Ohaozara. And also a large deposit of limestone is found at Nkalaga, northern part of the state.

Like every other state, with lots of unique and interesting places for tourist attractions, ebonyi state is no exception with many amazing and interesting places you will love to pay a visit anytime you travel to ebonyi state.

We have carefully handpicked 5 places you will love to visit anytime you find yourself in ebonyi state.

Osborn La-Palm Royal Resort

Osborn La-Palm Royal Resort

Anybody on a visit to ebonyi would first of all require a place to stay and that will be a perfect hotel like Osborn La-Palm Royal Resort. 

Osborn La-Palm is a nice hotel located at No 1 osborn avenue, off kpirikpiri Rd, Mile 50, Abakaliki, and its well know for its exquisite treat to customers who patronise their services.

Spacious rooms well-equipped with luxurious bathrooms with Jacuzzi bath and shower, air-conditioning units,
over 30 satellite channels on the TV, fridge, electronic locking system, hair dryer, Osborn is no doubt your preferred choice.

They have over 90 rooms at affordable prices, and its located at the state capital, which make it easier to get the most of the state.

Okposi lake

Okposi lake

Okposi lake is a small lake which has proven to be of great economic importance and served as a base for rural women in the area.

It is located at Okposi, a rural communities in Ohaozara local government area of ebonyi state, its a lake with an unusual large deposit of salt which made the it of enormous economic importance.

This lake was actually what gave ebonyi state it’s slogan “Salt Of The Nation” although its not the only place with salt deposit. This lake should be one of the places you shouldn’t miss visiting anytime you travel to ebonyi.

Abakaliki Golf  Course

Abakaliki golf course

I must say you may not be someone who take interest in golf game but you will definitely love the environment, the abakaliki golf course is naturally beautiful and equipped for games by golf players.

This amazing golf course is located along  Ezza road and right behind Federal Teaching Hospital, right in the state capital, Abakaliki. It has lots of relaxation joints close-by where you can relax while you watch the game.

A private association consisting people who take part in the golf game takes charge of the course and makes sure of its beautiful look doesn’t fade.

Should incase you find yourself self in ebonyi state, do make time to pay a visit and we bet you won’t regret.

Golden Sand Beach At Afikpo

Ndibe Golden Sand Beach

The golden sand beach located at three different locations, Oziza, Ndibe and Uwana, all in Afikpo zone is a small beach which is part of extensive scenic golden sand beach along Cross River basin and serves as an ideal place to get the most out of interesting beach adventures.

Located a little far from the state capital, the Ndibe for instance can be reached from Abakaliki through Amuro/Mgbom roundabout in Afikpo. Its usually crowded on weekends with people who have taken advantage of it as a center for relaxation, sunbathing, swimming, sport fishing, canoe-racing, and yachting.

This three places all in the same place and not far from each other should be on your list of places you must visit in ebonyi state.

Abakaliki Green Lake

Abakaliki Green Lake

The last but not the list on our list is another beautiful lake, Abakaliki Green Lake, but this time its located right inside the government house in the state capital.

Used to be haven for colonial masters who cherished its beuty, it has now witnessed upgrade to mordenized facilities which has transformed its beuty beyond what it was before.

Small huts built for relaxation and for visitors to admire the beuty of the lake makes it a good place for tourists to relax while catching the view.

Leave me in your shoes, i won’t want to miss this place on my visit to ebonyi state.

Other Places Worth Our Mention Includes

Amanchor Cave

This is a small cave located in Amanchor, a small community in Afikpo   South Local Government. Allthogh it’s yet to be developed but it’s still worth a visit.

Mkpuma Ekwa Oku Rocks

Mkpuma Ekwa Oku Rocks is found in Izzi local government of ebonyi state. These are rocks naturally shaped like chicken eggs, thus the name. Its a great place to pay a visit.

Slave Market/Route at Ezza 

This is one of the places where the african human trade took place. Its an important place in history.

I visited it once so i think you should also pay a visit.

We have lots of other places too that may not be included on the list, so if you know any other interesting place you think should have been on this list kindly drop it in the comments section below👇

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