Ebenezer Eno Biography, Movies, Age, State, Career And Awards

Ebenezer Eno is a Nigerian actress, filmmaker and entrepreneur born on November 12. Seh hails from Eket, Akwa-Ibom State. The actress graduated with a Bachelors degree in Accounting from University Of Oklahoma, United States Of America.


Ebenezer Eno started her acting career professionally in 2016 although she was a software developer before going into the movie industry. She came into spotlight with her intriguing role in Africa Magic series “Eve” where she acted as Ezinne alongside Michelle Dede.

Ebenezer Eno Biography, Movies, Age, State, Career And Awards

The remarkable actress has since featured in several popular movies and has also worked with many notable people in the Nigerian movie industry including Bimbo Ademoye and Bolaji Ogunmola.


Ebenezer Eno has starred in over 10 movies including popular ones like “Last Days” and “Ex-husband”. She is gradually becoming one of the best actress Nollywood has witnessed since it’s inception in the 1960s.

Ebenezer Eno Biography, Movies, Age, State, Career And Awards

Below is a list of her movies so far:

  • The Lost Heir
  • Shadow In The Dark
  • At Your Service
  • The Becoming Of Obim
  • Ex-husband
  • All Shades Of Wrong
  • Last Days
  • After Hurt
  • Smart Money Women

Awards And Nominations

Ebenezer Eno is yet to be recognized for her remarkable works in Nigeria movie industry so far. However the actress has continued to push her career to the top of her game.

We will keep this page updated to include any new awards and nominations awarded to her.


  1. She is really a talent to recon with
    I enjoy seeing her on screens
    You are gonna go far darling
    Just keep up-ing ur game
    Much love

  2. I so much love her movie
    I just saw one now titled Love on the hill
    I love her role and to say she played it well is an understatement
    Kudos dear

  3. I cherish her so much, and thats nt all her movies, there is no MOTHER LOVE, REACH, GASLIGHT, LOVE ON THE HILL. wow this my sis is super talented

  4. Eno is simply the best. She’s simple, beautiful, natural and talented to. Her roles in love on the hill were perfectly played. I wish I could meet her face to face. Loads of love from chinonye your fan to you dear💕💕💕

  5. I just saw one of her movie and she is super talented.. version of my tradition . I really enjoyed the movie.. i really like her alot.. good job Eno. Am ur great fan

  6. I can’t explain how much I love this lady, and to realise that she is from Akwaibom is more thrilling..

    She is so natural, beautiful and perfect as a woman… Oh my gosh! If she has the same personality as she portray in movies, she is the kind of woman that is worth giving your life for as s man… This is the first time I have an actress as my favorite…

  7. I love her in movies so much….she x really talented and beautiful…most of all the smiles
    And to also find out she x from my state, Akwa ibom…we are proud of u sis

  8. She is so good and sweet
    Anytime she starrs in any movie, it aromatically becomes very interesting to me
    Acting is my dream and thing and I will pursue it bkos u inspire me a lot
    God strengthen u

  9. I just finished watching the movie she acted the name of the movie is (EVE). Am proud of you sis, may God bless all the akwa ibomite 💖. Am very proud where I came from# proudly akwa ibomite 💃💃 much 💖

  10. I just finished watching your movie “Love upon the hills” I must say, am super proud of you and knowing that you’re my blood makes you more interesting. Am carried away by your gap tooth.

  11. Our oncoming governor’s daughter when i realized who you were i was shoked at least we should have our daughter in the top movies industry keep it up, i like you

  12. I just saw her in a movie for the first time (on gotv, she acted barren) and had to look her up.

    Babe is goooooooood💯💯💯

  13. I really love her movies and she is so real but please there is this her movie that am looking for the tittle where her boyfriend cheated on her and she ended up having a one night stand and infected the guy with std which was transferred to her by her cheating boyfriend and she later lost a woman dear to her in the hospital

  14. Mrs Ebenezer Eno I must confess you’re good.
    I fell in love with your movie titled “Emem” where you featured with Mike Godson.
    You’re a Star and you’ll soon be recognized world wide.
    Much love and please remember me Ke mkpo amafon 🙏
    Akwa Ibom to the World.

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