List Of Local Government Areas In Ebonyi State And Their Headquarters

Ebonyi state is a small state located at the eastern part of Nigerian created in 1996 alongside 6 other states by the then Military ruler, Gen. Yakubu Gowon.

It shares boundary at the north with Benue state, Cross-River state at the east, Imo state at the south and Enugu state at the west.

It is majorly dominated by the Igbo Tribe and constitute the five Igbo dominated states.

Till date Ebonyi state has 13 local government including the state capital.

Below are the names of the LGA and they respective headquarters:

  1. Abakaliki – Nkaliki
  2. Ohaukwu – Ezzamgbo
  3. Izzi – Iboko
  4. Ezza South – Ebiaji
  5. Ezza North – Onueke
  6. Afikpo South – Nguzu Edda
  7. Afikpo North – Afikpo
  8. Ohaozora – Obiozara
  9. Ivo – Isiako
  10. Ikwo – Onu-Ebonyi Achara
  11. Ishielu – Ezillo
  12. Onicha – Isu
  13. Ebonyi – Ugbodo


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