Elijah Policard, American rapper and singer professionally known as Rich Amiri presents his lastest single “MADONNA & RIHANNA”.

Quotable Lyrics:

Right when I hop off a jet, I’ma take a Patek, I’ma flood it with diamonds (With diamonds)
Wrist water, stones blindin’, can’t even tell what the time is (What the time is)
Bad lil’ white ho look like Madonna, black ho look like Rihanna, uh (Oh yeah)
Shippin’ them birds over the sea, then I go jump in a charter, uh (Okay)
Please don’t think you fuckin’ on me without fuckin’ my gang too, uh (Gang too)
Go ‘head, come up out yo’ funds, we takin’ yo’ chain too, huh (Chain too)
I’m in a SVJ, it’s red, it’s blue, it look like a bruise, uh
I’m in the 404 with a bad-ass bitch from the 352, yeah (352)

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