Top 5 Important Fact or Things You Shoud Know About AE-FUNAI

Alex-Ekweme Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo (AE-FUNAI) is a young fast growing Nigerian university located at Ikwo LGA of Ebonyi state.

AE-FUNAI  founded in the year 2011, however started officially in 2012 is a young institution with over 5000 students both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

AE-FUNAI is well known for its struggle and aim of becoming a world class university both in management and academics and has attracted numerous recognitions both from the country and international.

Now without wasting much of your time lets give you a run down of the fact you should know about AE-FUNAI

1. University Ranking

Funai started officially in 2012 but was founded in the year 2011 and currently it has skyrocketed to the best university in Ebonyi state, among the 5 best in the south east and and one of the best in Nigeria.

It ranks 7515th among universities in the world, and is placed 44th position in the current Nigerian universities ranking by

2. Funai Already Has 7 Faculties

For a relatively young university that was founded 6 years ago andbecame functional from 2012 to have 7 faculties is quite a thing that will marvel you.

Although they are still struggling to balance with the number of course programs they can handle, Funai is already at the verge of getting all the programs in all the faculties full accreditation even for engineering and basic medical course.

Below are the faculties you can apply for admission on any program of your choice.

  • Faculty Of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Faculty Of Sciences
  • Faculty Of Humanities
  • Faculty Of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty Of Management and Social Sciences
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Agriculture

3. Funai Has They Own Radio Station

You can hardly imagine it that funai already has they own fully funtional short- ranged radio station named AE-FUNAI Radio operating at a frequency of 104.7 FM

The radion station was launched on 2018 by the present Vice Chancellor, Prof. Nwajiuba Chidibuem and has since commenced operation.

So anytime you happens to come around the funai campus, be sure to tune in to their radio station.

4. Funai Already Has Over 5,000 Students

You may seam not to be surprised about this but looking at it from the fact that it was founded in 2011 and started operation in 2012, that means it took its first batch of students in 2012 and now has over 5,000 students.

Funai currently receives thousands of application for admission but takes only close to 3,000 applicants yearly.

From an estimated calculations its expected to have close to 8,000 students before the next five years.

5. Fully Operation Solar Power System

Its hard to believe that funai is about to harness one of the most cleanest form of energy, a multi kilowatt solar power plant located close to engineering workshop is set to be operational supplying clean energy to the whole school environment.

This is in addition to massive road and infrastructural development taking place in the school area, inter school linking roads equipped with streetlights which will be powered by the solar power plant.

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